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GD Press Tools Pro 5.3: Chimera

New major release for GD Press Tools Pro is here with version 5.3 (codename Chimera). This version includes one new addon (to disable and handle RSS feeds), one new tweak, many improvements, and fixes.

Settings for Disable Feeds addon
Settings for Disable Feeds addon

Addon: Disable Feeds

The new version brings a new built-in addon called Disable Feeds. This addon can disable and handle RSS feeds: it can disable main feeds (global posts and comments), extra feeds (posts for archives) and post comments feeds (comments for single posts).

For each of these, the plugin will return ‘404 not found’ error, or if you enable an extra option, redirect feeds to their parent pages.

Other features and changes

A new tweak is added for stopping WordPress from adding extra Emoji code (used for older browsers to add Emoji support). Google Analytics addon has support for Google AMP pages (added with official AMP plugin).

There are many updates in Debugger, Cron control, and Backup addons. Tweaks for user panel columns add columns for last login and last activity date and time.

As for the fixes, there are several bugs fixed: problem in debugger related to tracker object, events log deletion of events not working in some cases and a problem with the addon for WP Heartbeat control loading of settings.

Backup storage changes in next 5.4 version

Since Dropbox will be dropping support for their V1 API next year, GD Press Tools Pro support for Dropbox will need to use V2 API. But, to use new API we need a lot of additional libraries loaded and more almost 2MB of code. So, Dropbox support will be moved into free to download an addon that will need to be installed as the additional plugin. Not everyone is using Dropbox for backups upload, so no need to bundle all that into the main plugin. The same thing will be done for Amazon S3 support, it will be created as an addon too since it’s code is rather huge, and again, not everyone is using it. It is best to keep it separated from the main plugin.

If you find any more errors, please report them in the support forum. And, check out the knowledge base, some new articles and FAQ is added since the previous release.

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