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GD Rating System Pro 1.4 – Themis

GD Rating System Pro 1.4 – Themis is new major release with new rating method called Emote This. The new version also includes a new panel for rating types management, very important core changes, many more improvements, and fixes.

Emote This Example
Emote This Example

Emote This

New rating method is expanded from Like This into emotions driven rating method. This is only the first iteration of this feature, so it is currently locked into the 6 emotions based set similar to one used for Facebook reactions.

The plugin includes 2 sets of emotion icons (30+ icons), but only 6 are used from. Plan for future versions is to allow the user to create new emotion sets and to freely assign emotion images from all available in the selected images pack. The plugin currently has 2 themes for display of the emotion icons, but that too will be expanded in the future. Also, only image based sets can be used right now, but the plan is to have font icons based support too as all other rating methods have.

As with other rating methods, this one has 2 widgets and 3 shortcodes and support for the Shortcake plugin. As with Like This, this new rating method can’t be used for Rich Snippets.

Rating Types Panel
Rating Types Panel

This rating method is functional, but it can be considered as the beta feature, for now, and next two major updates will get tons of updates for this rating method.

Rating Types

The plugin includes many rating types, and it allows you to add more. But, until now, this was only possible with the use of custom code. Now, you can register new entities and types via new Rating Types panel. You can’t modify automatic rating types, or types registered from code to avoid messing up the plugin.

More features and improvements

This version includes tons of new features. Like This method is improved with the new label for Liked state and new only text display method. All rating methods now have options to override labels and text used to display rating blocks. The database table is expanded and improved with more indexes to speed up some queries related to the display of the log panel.

Rules Panel
Rules Panel

Rating settings rules panel is improved with extra buttons for easier control of rules. WP Rest API addon is improved with new filters, and each rating method is cleaning and formatting own data properly for inclusion in the Rest API response.

Other changes include refactoring of the main JavaScript, functions for entities and types access, many improvements to the loading of files, CSS minification, improvements to templates and much more.

And few fixes

Few bugs are fixed too: rating items removal of rating was broken in some cases, URL and actions problems with votes log, missing proper sanitation of the settings for some operations and few more things. You can check out the full changelog on the plugins home page.

That’s all for now, please report any issues and problems in the support forum. The knowledge base is expanded with new articles, so check it out. Few more articles related to new rating method will be added this week, and demo plugin for adding custom images will get support for it.

There are two more major versions planned for this year.

If you want to test GD Rating System Pro, you can request demo website where you can check out all the plugin features and decide if the Pro version is what you need. If not, you can download the free version, and evaluate it and maybe later decide on an upgrade. The free version can be download from WordPress plugins repository: GD Rating System on

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