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GD Rating System Pro 2.0: Cronus

Almost one year since the first stable version of GD Rating System Pro was released, here is the major 2.0 version that brings significant new updates, including 2 new built-in addons, custom series for Emote This and much more.

GD Rating System Pro 2.0 is a huge update with the longest changelog list to date. This release touches many elements of the plugin and improves a great many things, and fixes few problems reported in the past few months.

New built-in addons

GD Rating System Pro 2.0 adds two new built-in addons: Tooltip and support for BuddyPress.

Like This with Tooltip
Like This with Tooltip

The tooltip is jQuery based control (plugin uses jBox script) that allows you to use tooltip in the rating template to hide some information that will be revealed as a tooltip to save space. This script is chosen because it also includes modal dialogs, so later on, you will see a use of the modal dialogs for some elements. For now, Like This templates can use the tooltip to show a list of users who liked the item, and for Stars Rating to show the distribution of votes. Same methods can be used to wrap anything to be displayed as a tooltip. There will be more direct uses for tooltips in future versions, so you can give suggestions on how to improve the tooltip use.

As for BuddyPress, plugin registers new entity and two types: activity and group. It also can automatically add rating into the activity stream. More will be added in future versions, all suggestions are welcome.

Completed Emote This rating

After the initial release in the version 1.4, Emote This rating method is now completed and allows you to create your own Emote This series with your own set of emotions or reactions.

Assign images to Emote This series
Assign images to Emote This series

The editor allows you to add one or more reactions. After you do that, you can assign images for each emotion/reaction for each of the images set available. The plugin contains 2 images set by default, but the example plugin is updated with code to add additional emoticons sets.

Rich Snippets and JSON-LD

Expanded Metabox
Expanded Metabox

Rich snippets addon now supports output of snippet using JSON-LD format. You still have options to choose the rich snippet format, and by default, it will still be Microdata. Furthermore, the plugin has improved support for review ratings, and it can include additional data for reviewed item. Reviewed item information can be added through the plugin metabox for posts, pages or custom post types.

Data Transfer

Code to transfer data from other rating plugins is vastly improved and partially rewritten. There were few reports of transfer problems with large datasets, and because of that, the transfer was remade to use threaded transfer powered by AJAX to avoid timeouts and running out of memory. Also, tests were made with the database with 200.000 and more posts with ratings (using old GD Stars Rating plugin), and transfer using new plugin version went without issues. Few other small bugs noticed during the transfer process are also fixed.

Make sure to run tests with the transfer first to make sure it works, before transfering data on the live website.

Dashboard widget
Dashboard widget

Other new features

The plugin includes many more new features: Dummy Data support for Like This rating, Votes log allows you to delete Like This and Emote This rating (with recalculation), filtering tor Emote This is improved, both Rating Items and Votes log are improved, Admin Enhancer addon includes dashboard widget to display latest ratings. Like This rating method contains new templates that can display the list of users who liked the item (with or without tooltip). There are many more changes in the plugin core to allow for better extensibility.

Updates and fixes

The plugin includes many improvements to shortcodes and Shortcake support, including some fixes. Many areas of the plugin are improved and optimized, and some important bugs are fixed: few issues with votes log, the problem with dynamic load and feeds, the problem with sorting of stars ratings, and few more things.

What’s next…

Next two versions are already in planning stages. Version 2.1 will be released in about 6 weeks with aggregation of ratings, and version 2.2 to follow with REST API updates. More features are in early stages, and they will be announced once ready.

If you find any issues with the plugin, please use the support forum to report them.

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