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Code Builder Addon for GD Rating System Pro 1.0

Code Builder is a new “addon as a plugin” for GD Rating System Pro. This addon is available for free for all GD Rating System Pro users, and it will help you build PHP code for integrating the rating block into your themes.

This addon creates a new menu in the Rating System panel with several builders. Each builder has a number of settings, and by changing these settings, you will get PHP code you can use in your theme or other plugins. Version 1.0 includes 2 basic builders and 1 useful example builder.

Single rating block builder
Single rating block builder

Each builder allows you to change settings for rating item and rating method, and the plugin will generate PHP code example with your settings. This code is ready to use in theme or other plugins. The example provided along with two builders is for use of rating block inside the WP Query based loop.

The plan is to expand the builder with more options and more examples in future versions. For now, you can build PHP code for single rating block, rating list and WP Query loop based single rating block.

“Code Builder Addon” requires GD Rating System Pro 2.1 or newer, and it will not work with plugins free version. The addon is available for free for all GD Rating System Pro users.

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Code Builder Addon
PHP code builder for GD Rating System Pro plugin

Quick and easy way to generate PHP code for single rating block, ratings list and other useful examples for use with GD Rating System Pro, supporting all rating methods.

GD Rating System Pro
Ultimate rating plugin for WordPress

Powerful, highly customizable and versatile ratings plugin to allow your users to vote for anything you want. Includes different rating methods and add-ons.

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