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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.8.3

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.8.3 is the new minor update that should be fixing the last issue currently open from the major 4.8 update, that was a bumpy ride for the last 3 days.

The scope of changes in 4.8 was huge, and I did my best to test everything before release. This time I decided against beta testing because last 2 versions released after beta period proved that beta test was basically useless, because there were not enough users testing, and because there were no issues reported. In the future, I will need to rethink how beta period was used, and how to motivate users to test plugin before the stable version is released. And, next 5.0 version will be a major milestone that will need to be in testing for at least 2 weeks.

Anyway, this 4.8.3 with two previous minor updates fixes several bugs reported in the past 2 days. The last bug remaining (and now fixed in 4.8.3) was related to the attachments files not showing in some replies. And, since these issues have caused problems to some of the users on live websites, I have decided to extend the licenses for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro for all users that downloaded 4.8, 4.8.1 or 4.8.2 versions. All these licenses are now extended by 2 weeks. I am sorry about the issues this latest version caused, and I hope that all the improvements outweigh the problems.

If you notice any issues with the plugin, please open a new topic in the support forum. For a full changelog, check the plugin changelog page

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro
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