GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.8.4 is the new minor update that brings a fix for the ‘attachment’ BBCode bug affecting large websites (with a lot of files in media library), and updates to the attachment rendering.

BBCode attachment allows you to specify attachment/file ID or name to display it. But, when using the name, the plugin needs to find the file first. And, when you have a lot of files on your website, the plugin could end up running hundreds of queries to check for the proper file name. This was caused by the old code that was not updated for a while, and due to the fact that plugin is not using the name in the attachment BBCode by default since version 4.0. So, now, this code is replaced by one or two simple SQL queries to find the ID from the file name.

If you notice any issues with the plugin, please open a new topic in the support forum. For a full changelog, check the plugin changelog page

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