GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.0 is now available with new plugin dashboard, new About page, Setup Wizard, Thanks list panel, many more updates, improvements and fixes.

Version 5.0 has been prepared for development this whole year, with main development done over the past 2 months. It features some new major features, and also many smaller features, based on the requests and suggestions from plugin users. As always, there are many updates and fixes included.

New GD bbPress Toolbox Pro Dashboard
New GD bbPress Toolbox Pro Dashboard

Major new features

The first thing you will see after the standard update check screen is the new About page. It is made to resemble default WordPress About page, with highlights from the new version, and extra pages with plugin information, changelog and other Dev4Press plugins. This screen will be first thing loaded after each update in the future.

And, if you are installing the plugin for the first time, you will get a button to run brand new Setup Wizard. Wizard can be accessed from the WordPress admin menu too. This is first wizard iteration with several screens with options to get you started with plugin setup. Wizard is only the starting point allowing you to select modules you want to use, setup attachments and editors and few more things. Depending on the feedback, the wizard might be expanded in the future.

Setup Wizard: Editor Panel
Setup Wizard: Editor Panel

And, with the Say Thanks feature becoming more popular, the plugin has a new admin side panel with the list of thanks. For now, it can filter thanks by the user (giving or receiving) and type of post (topic or reply).

Thanks List
Thanks List

And even more

There are many more new features added, and it is best you check out the detailed changelog for more information. Most important new features include: hide quote when it is quoting private reply, actions and filters for more control over various plugin features, improvements to statistics functions, support for posts caching added in bbPress 2.6.

This version also solves a long-standing issue with the CSS classes naming conventions. Since the plugin started as a merger of three different plugins, some of the class names in CSS were not as they should be. And, finally, this version changes most of the class names for better consistency, and all classes now use prefix gdbbx_. This is a potentially breaking feature, and if you have customized CSS for the plugin, you will need to update CSS class names according to this article. And, all the icons plugin loads are now in small font, and FontAwesome is no longer used for the plugin on the frontend.

Make sure to clear all the caches you might have to make sure all the updated CSS and JS files are loaded properly.

Updates and fixes

And, as usual, there are a lot of improvements and updates: display of various notices, expanded Help tab on the admin side, cleanup of the quoted text, translation improvements. With few fixes: missing sanitation in some situations on the admin side, wrong URL for the quote in some cases, the problem with Disable RSS module, and minor issues with the report module saving action.

What’s next?

Well, for now, install and try the new version. Version 5.0 is running on Dev4Press website for a week already, and since the release of Beta version, there were no bugs reported related to it. As it looks right now, version 5.0 is very stable, but, please, report any issues if you find them.

Let me know what you think about the new update.

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  1. Nusret Baykan Belirdi says:

    Hello, great work. Thank You.
    My question is : I use Loco translate and have already translation files exist, so how am I going to upgrade ? Just replace the plugin folder and put the translation files same place.
    Kind Regards

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    1. MillaN says:

      Yes, you can do it that way, but translations don’t need to be inside each plugins folder. Check out this FAQ:

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  2. deckard says:
    Version: 5.0 / November 8 2015
    Wrong year 🙂

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    1. MillaN says:

      Good catch, thanks!

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