GD Knowledge Base Pro has reached new major release with the brand new version 3.1 bringing support for addons, Toggle shortcode, feedback improvements, various other improvements and fixes.

GD Knowledge Base Pro 3.1 includes a lot of core improvements and new addons architecture basis with addons classes, many new filters and actions for addons to hook into (with more coming in the future, based on the addons needs), improved templates loading and much more. The first addon for this plugin is ‘Integration addon for WooCommerce’, the unique system for adding knowledge base into WooCommerce shop.

Toggle Shortcode Example
Toggle Shortcode Example

The plugin has one new shortcode: Toggle – for displaying initially hidden content with toggle title to open/hide hidden content. This shortcode brings the total number of shortcodes to 20. Feedbacks panel is improved with the option to delete any feedback with a comment. A new option is used to control notifications emails, and send them only if the comment is saved with the feedback.

Feedback Email Notifications
Feedback Email Notifications

There are many improvements and changes to the plugin loading process, templates loading, default knowledge base styling, and some minor fixes.

If you find any issues or bugs, please, report them in the support forum.

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