New major release for GD Press Tools Pro is here with version 5.4 (codename Hydra). This version includes one new addon (to disable WP Rest API or its parts) and a new way of handling storages.

Before we go on, it is worth mentioning that GD Press Tools plugin celebrates its 8-th birthday. GD Press Tools was created on February 10, 2009, and released as a free plugin on In December of the same year, version 3.0 was released as first Dev4Press Pro plugin.

Version 5.4 brings one new built-in addon for control over WP REST API. The current version has several options to force use of SSL for all API requests (if your website is set to work over HTTPS and has a valid SSL certificate), option to disable REST API completely or to disable it for non-logged in users or non-administrator users. And, it has options to remove some of the default endpoints: settings, users, users/me, users/user.


The other major change is that storage engines for Dropbox and Amazon S3 are removed from the main plugin, and released as addons as plugins. They are both free to download for anyone with the license for GD Press Tools Pro. Dropbox addon uses new Dropbox API v2, and Amazon S3 addon uses latest AWS SDK v3. Both requires PHP 5.5 or newer. If you used either Dropbox or S3 storages, make sure to install the addons as soon as you update to GD Press Tools Pro 5.4.

The plugin also includes few more updates and fixes. Fixes are related to problems with the threaded backup engine (E2) and problems with the toolbar menu addon.

If you find any more errors, please report them in the support forum.

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