New major release for GD Press Tools Pro is here with version 5.5 (codename Hippogriff). This version includes one new addon (called Access Control), accessibility improvements and debugger improvements.

GD Press Tools Pro version 5.5 now includes a total of 18 built-in addons. The latest one is called Access Control and it has two features for limiting access to admin side for specific roles, and access to the website for all visitors (users not logged in). Administration redirect will redirect users that are not allowed to the admin side to the URL specified in the settings. Website access authorization will redirect all non-logged visitors to the login page. But, you can set exceptions (as URL or post/page ID), and if visitors lands on such page, the redirection will not work. This way you can have some pages open to visitors, and the rest would require a login.

Administration Redirect Settings
Administration Redirect Settings

Debugger panel is improved, with new PHP panel (showing some super globals and all their values). The previously available Expanded panel is gone, and its content is moved to Basic and PHP panels. And, there is a new panel called Admin, showing some admin side specific information. Debugger panel is improved with a lot of changes for better accessibility and screen readers support.

Othe changes include admin side accessibility support, some minor updates to FTP storage, cleanup tools with support for NextGen Gallery for terms cleanup. And, on the security side, the plugin is using better encryption library for storing settings containing passwords. It is important to go through the update screen to make sure that security related settings are converted.

Addon for Amazon S3 storage is updated, and this new version is required for use with GD Press Tools Pro 5.5.

If you find any more errors, please report them in the support forum.

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