GD Rating System Pro 2.1 is a major version that brings mostly under the hood changes and improvements required for future updates and for new plugins as addons to expand the plugin even further.

The new version is a very important release, that adds many new features to the plugin core, but they might not be visible in normal use right now. But, all the improvements are made to make plugin ready for some other planned features that will be added with next few versions and with new planned addons.

Stars Rating, Thumbs Rating, and Emote This method now can work in passive mode, and they include input fields that will allow for integration of rating blocks into forms. This is not in use now, but it will be soon. Emote This method has new render theme called Button (you can see it on the image below).

Emote with Buttons
Emote with Buttons

The plugin has a new object with methods that can render a static single stars rating element (it is not for rating, just display), that can be used in various other places where static stars are needed and star based badge to show large star and overlay rating value. The new version also includes many new filters and actions to allow expanding the plugin further.

There are even more changes in templates, rating methods, widgets, JavaScript and CSS file optimizations, improvements to admin side panels, Client Detection library is updated and much more. Fixes include updated to posts addon integration, saving values for stars review, problems with Emote This series panel and few more things.

What’s next…

Due to the changes in plans for version 2.1, some of the features were shuffled around on the roadmap. Next version 2.2 focus on aggregation of ratings, and version 2.3 to follow with REST API updates and new widgets and shortcodes.

If you find any issues with the plugin, please use the support forum to report them.

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