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GD Rating System Pro 2.4: Styx

GD Rating System Pro 2.4 is a major new version that brings multi ratings data transfer from GD Star Rating, many transfer updates, widgets improvements, user rating object and few more things.

The new version of the rating plugin is smaller in the scope of the changes, but it is an important update for users that are moving from GD Star Rating using multi ratings.

Data Transfer

Transfer tools for importing data from other plugins are improved with additional settings to control the number of records processed in each pass to make sure you can adjust that for slower servers or servers with less memory available. And, there is a major update related to GD Star Rating plugin data transfer, and now plugin can import Multi Stars Rating and Multi Stars Review data from GD Star Rating. For this to work, Multi Ratings addon is required.

Updated Transfer panel
Updated Transfer panel

Make sure to read information related to transfer. If your old data is not complete, the transfer will be incomplete also. Transfer depends on old data and the WordPress content being available.

User objects for rating data

One of the major new features is the object that can return user voting information for any rating item. You can initialize the object for a current user or for any user by user ID, and you can get voting information for that user for any rating item for any rating method. Using this, you can check if the user Liked a post (and do something if he did), or if he just voted for a post, or if he voted with 3 or more stars. This object will be expanded in the future to return more user related rating information. If you have any suggestions what that can be, let me know.

Other changes

And, that’s not all. Widgets are all optimized, using a new base class that cuts the code used by 20%. External addons support is improved. Thumbs rating addon core has improved support for custom fonts. Client Detection library is updated to version 3.8.2.

It is very important to update Multi Ratings Addon. The new version is updated to work with GD Rating System Pro 2.4, and it doesn’t include new features, just compatibility updates. This addon will get a major update soon that will include Multi Thumbs Rating method. User Reviews Addon will soon get a new major release too.

If you find any issues with the plugin, please use the support forum to report them.

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