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GD Topic Polls Pro 1.3: Osiris

GD Topic Polls Pro 1.3 (code name Osiris) is a new major release bringing new widget for displaying the list of topic polls, a column with the poll information for the admin side topics panel and more.

Widget List of Polls shows you the list of topic polls and it can be filtered by the forum, limit number of polls to show, and enable some of the elements you might like displayed. But, the widget allows you display more (or less) by modifying the template used for individual polls displayed by the widget. Default layout and styling for this widget is very simple but easy to read.

List of polls widget
List of polls widget

On the admin side, the plugin now shows the column with the poll in the bbPress forums topic list. The main poll object includes static poll caching to speed up some operations with polls. The plugin includes new functions, methods for the main poll object and few more things to make some of the things easier to handle. The plugin also includes new query object for listing and filtering polls. This is made for the widget, but it can be used elsewhere too.

There are few improvements to the poll form. When viewing results, if you have not voted, you will see a new button for getting back to the voting. And button to view results will be hidden when on the results page.

If you find any issues with the plugin, or you have a suggestion about new features, please, stop by the forum and let me know.

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GD Topic Polls Pro
Enhance bbPress forums with topic polls

Implements polls system for bbPress powered forums, where users can add polls to topics, with a wide range of settings to control voting, poll closing, display of results and more.

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