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GD Topic Prefix Pro 1.0: Heimdall

GD Topic Prefix Pro is a brand new Dev4Press plugin for WordPress and bbPress for implementing the prefixes for forum topics. The plugin is easy to use and highly configurable.

Topic or thread prefixes are very popular with other forum software, like phpBB, Xenforo or vBulletin, and they have a very simple concept: select one prefix among the list of predefined prefixes for each topic (or thread in some other forums). This prefix is then displayed in front of the topic name. Each prefix can use different colors, and it can be used to filter the list of topics.

Topic prefixes in action
Topic prefixes in action

GD Topic Prefix Pro plugin for bbPress forums requires WordPress 4.4 and bbPress 2.5. The plugin uses custom taxonomies to define and describe topic prefixes and prefix groups. The plugin integrates into the bbPress, and it even uses bbPress theme compatibility system for topic prefix archive template, integration into topic lists for filtering and more. The first version includes one widget for displaying list or cloud with topics prefixes.

The plugin workflow is like this: create one or more topic prefixes and set colors for each of them. Then, create one or more prefix groups and assign prefixes to each group. One prefix can be added to one or more prefix groups. And, each group can be assigned to one or more forums, but each forum can have only one group assigned. Groups have additional options for display style, the order of included prefixes, user roles for assigning prefixes on new and edit topic and more.

Starting today, the plugin is in use on Dev4Press support forums, and you can see it in action there. If you want to test it, or if you have some additional questions, use the contact form. All users with Dev4Press Club Membership license can already download and use the plugin.

Example Widget with list of prefixes
Example Widget with list of prefixes

There are already several new ideas for the plugin future development, and roadmap is already available on the plugin home page, but, if you have any more suggestions, please let me know.

Special Promotional Offer

For all users with active GD bbPress Toolbox Pro license, we are offering special 40% discount for purchase of GD Topic Prefix Pro license. The offer is valid from the plugin Buy page until March 23, 2017 (10:00 UCT), and each user with the active GD bbPress Toolbox Pro license can use the offer once.

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GD Topic Prefix Pro
Easy to use topic prefixes for bbPress forums

Implements topic prefixes system, with support for styling customization, forum specific prefix groups with use of user roles, default prefixes, filtering of topics by prefix and more.

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