GD Topic Prefix Pro 1.1.1 is a minor bug fixing release that takes care of few problems related to WordPress core get_terms function and the change to this function made in WordPress 4.5.

GD Topic Prefix Pro is compatible with WordPress 4.4, but one of the functions used, get_terms(), has different arguments in WordPress 4.4 and newer versions. Because of this, some features were broken under WordPress 4.4. Plugin now has own wrapper function for getting terms that work with WordPress 4.4 too. Also, the same function was used wrong in the prefixes widget, and that also has now been fixed.

If you find any more issues with the plugin, please report them in the forum.

Special Promotional Offer

For all users with active GD bbPress Toolbox Pro license, we are offering special 40% discount for purchase of GD Topic Prefix Pro license. The offer is valid from the plugin Buy page until March 23, 2017 (10:00 UCT), and each user with the active GD bbPress Toolbox Pro license can use the offer once.

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GD Topic Prefix Pro
Implements topic prefixes system, with support for styling customization, forum specific prefix groups with use of user roles, default prefixes, filtering of topics by prefix and more.
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