GD Topic Prefix Pro 1.3 is a new major update with accessibility improvements, improved prefix display, options to change prefix selection in topic/reply form, many more updates, and fixes.

Plugin accessibility is improved, and both admin side and front end controls should be fully accessible. Prefix buttons are updated to include the title attribute explaining the prefix link action. The plugin has a new tool for installing demo data: 7 topic prefixes and one topic prefix group. This is very useful when installing the plugin for the first time, and plugin Install panel now includes the link to the Demo installation panel.

And, finally, the plugin now has options to set where inside the topic and reply from topic prefix selection will be added. By default, the topic prefix will be before the topic title, but you can move it down the form to other locations, and you can set the priority for the selected action.

bbPress forms integration settings
bbPress forms integration settings

This version includes many updates and fixed: some plugin settings information is expanded, prefix class and rendering are improved, the plugin will deactivate if bbPress is missing, and empty and used files are removed. The problem with the empty forums list when saving prefix group is fixed and some admin side links leading to nowhere are fixed.

If you find any issues with the plugin, please report them in the forum.

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