Here is the new and major update for User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro. Version 1.1 brings many new features, important updates and fixes, all based on the user feedback from the past month.

User Reviews Addon, version 1.1, is a major update that brings many new features and improvements, and it fixes several non-critical bugs reported in the past few weeks. All settings for the addon are split into 3 settings panel, for better organisation and because there are many new options added in this version.

For creating the review, addon now allows you to use TinyMCE editor. And, you have several options to control the TinyMCE integration. Some TinyMCE features depend on the user roles, so Media Library will be available to users that have the capability to use it (based on individual capability or user role). Also, user role will determine what HTML tags will be allowed in the content, and the same rules apply as with the comments and HTML. But, the plugin has an option to allow the use of an extended set of HTML tags and attributes for all users.

User review form with TinyMCE editor
User review form with TinyMCE editor

Other new features and changes in this version include:

  • Option to allow the use of HTML in Pros and Cons.
  • Option to redirect the user after saving of the review to custom URL. This can be defined for each post type with user reviews.
  • Options for the maximum length for subject, content, pros and cons.
  • Length counter and limiter for review content (works with the regular content field, not TinyMCE).
  • Review content is now properly formatted on display (paragraphs and formatting).
  • Link individual profile URL through the review date time element.
  • Support for linking BuddyPress member profile for user review authors.
  • Sort reviews drop-down link to the user reviews target.
  • Various styling improvements and changes.

As for the bugs, this version fixes:

  • The problem with settings panel, if the extension is disabled.
  • Minor issues with the HTML markup for the individual reviews.
  • Few typos in the settings descriptions.

“User Reviews Addon 1.1” requires GD Rating System Pro 2.2 or newer. If you find any issues, please let me know. Addon roadmap will be updated soon to include features planned for the next major version.

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