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User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro 1.5

New and major update for User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro, version 1.5 brings many new features, updates and fixes, focusing on moderation and allowing users to edit own reviews.

One of the features requested in the support forums and questions sent via contact form was for the capability for users to edit own reviews. Now, with version 1.5 that is finally possible. This is limited to reviews posted by registered and logged in users because there is no reliable way to trace visitors (non-logged in users).

Edit Review
Edit Review

To control the editing process, you can limit how long the editing will be allowed after the review is saved. This way, you can allow your users to edit reviews up to 10 minutes, or few hours even after saving the review.

Moderation features are improved with several important elements:

  • Users will be able to see own reviews even if they are held for moderation.
  • The editing (if enabled) will work while the review is in moderation.
  • When editing reviews on the admin side, moderators can see and moderate subject, pros and cons lists. Rating value can’t be modified by moderators at this time.
  • On the admin side, reviews list shows subject, pros and cons and ratings.
  • On the admin side, reviews list can be filtered by post type.

Other changes in this version include improvements to the meta box for the reviews:

  • User review options are displayed for post types that have user reviews enabled.
  • Individual posts can be enabled or disabled for user reviews.
  • Few styling improvements when using TinyMCE editor for reviews.
  • Many improvements to the addon core organization.

User Reviews Addon 1.5 requires GD Rating System Pro 2.4.1 or newer, and if you need multi ratings, Multi Ratings Addon 1.5 or newer. If you find any issues, please let me know.

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User Reviews Addon
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