GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.4.2 is a second maintenance release for the 5.4 version, and this time it brings 3 new translations (German, Japanese and Serbian) with several bug fixes and minor updates.

First of all, the plugin now has 3 full translations included: German, Serbian and Japanese. I would like to thank Shinsaku IKEDA for translating the plugin to Japanese, and his current work on translating some other Dev4Press plugins. Previously available languages are now outdated (Swedish and Persian), and if they are not updated when the 5.5 version gets ready, they will be removed from the plugin. I expect a few more languages to be included when the 5.5 version is released. If you find any issues with the included translations, you can suggest changes through the official translation project.

This version fixes 3 bugs: report feature not working on some page types (search and user profile), and Quote was included on pages where it makes no sense to have it (search and user profile). Finally, database query used to get last forum post was not taking replies into account.

Let me know what you think about the new update, and please, report any issues if you find them.

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