GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.4.3 is a new maintenance release for the 5.4 version, and this time it brings some important performance updates and fixes, with updated shared code library.

For a few major versions, plugin had one SQL query that in some cases could be very slow, but it was not discovered sooner, because it was related to huge forums only and only on the forums list page. The query was using order by a post_date_gmt field that is not indexed. This is now fixed, and the similar update is made to few more queries, to avoid sorting by date and using ID instead.

In the next 2 weeks, work will begin on the next major 5.5 version, scheduled to be released in the second half of November. More information about that will follow next week when the plans for the 5.5 will be finalized.

Let me know what you think about the new update, and please, report any issues if you find them.

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