GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.5 is a new major release that focuses on attachments, but, includes a new widget, BuddyPress notifications system support, improvements to SEO, reports and other modules.

Three main areas for this version are attachments, use of SCSS and various updates to styling and scripts, a new widget for a list of most thanked users and support for BuddyPress notifications system. Besides all that, there are minor updates to post reporting, private posts, SEO and notifications with various bugs fixed.


CSS and JS used for attachments now have own files, and they have changed a lot, to add some new features and to update the styling and the way the JavaScript works. Attachments have gotten several new features, including the option to show bulk download button for all posts that have more than 1 attachment, improved validation, few more settings for the control over the attachments form, improved styling and option to show image caption for the files inserted into content using attachment shortcode.

Updated Attachments Form
Updated Attachments Form

The new version has several options added. Options to control enhanced interface are improved, with a new option to enable/disable set caption option, and Advanced Attachments settings include options to control Bulk Download settings.


All styling used on the front end has been rewritten with the use of SCSS to make the maintenance and future improvements easier. In the same time, some of the stylings has been improved and updated, and some files used before renamed and reorganized.

BuddyPress Notifications

Right now, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds two new notifications into BuddyPress notifications system: when a user received thanks for own posts, and administrators and moderators will receive notification when the post gets reported. You can disable notifications support from the BuddyPress panel on the Modules settings page.

Support for BuddyPress Notifications
Support for BuddyPress Notifications

And more new features

The plugin has a new widget showing list of users that received most thanks. Module for Reporting Posts is updated with actions fired when reports are saved, and an option to show report message to moderators only. Private topics and replies now include filters to control privacy visibility. SEO module has a new option to add support for proper title tag for themes that only support title-tag theme feature (added since WordPress 4.1).

Updates and fixes

This version brings various under the hood improvements and updates. And, most importantly, it fixes a total of 8 bugs reported in the past few weeks. This includes few issues with the attachments and BBCodes, problems with email notifications, some styling issues and the problem with BuddyPress signature field.

Next major 5.6 version is scheduled for the February 2019, and the list of features is mostly known at this time. In the meantime, if you have any new suggestions, you can stop by the forum and open new topic.

Let me know what you think about the new update, and please, report any issues if you find them.

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  1. maxx says:

    Hi Milan

    what is meant with SCSS ?

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    1. MillaN says:

      SCSS is preprocessor for CSS: and makes it easier to maintain complex CSS.

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  2. maxx says:

    Will the toolbox have any issues with wp 5.0?

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    1. MillaN says:

      Plugin has no (as far as I can tell) issues with WP 5.0. It was tested for the past few weeks with various stages of WP 5.0.

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