GD Content Tools Pro 5.4 is a major new release, mainly focused on the meta fields and meta boxes system, adding very important enhancements, changes to fields and many bug fixes.

This version features, by far, the longest changelog for this plugin to date. The main focus is on the meta fields and boxes system. Plugin removes outdated and no longer maintained AirDatePicker control, that has been causing some issues lately, and replacing it with Flatpickr. But, this also introduced important change: Month and Year fields no longer use the datepicker, and they are simplified with select and input fields.

New datetime picker control
New datetime picker control

This version brings another major field enhancement through the use of the Select2 library to replace regular select controls. It allows you to easily find items in the list by typing, each select multiple values, and most importantly, get items from the remote source via AJAX – very useful if you have a large dataset. Many field types are updated to switch to the new interface, and some have extra options to set a maximum number of items to select.

Select2 enhanced controls
Select2 enhanced controls

Many fields are updated in various ways, and regular text field has major updates to support HTML5 pattern attribute or regular expressions, and all eligible fields support HTML5 required attribute when they are required. As for the bugs, plugin fixes 9 bugs, mostly related to meta fields and boxes, and few more bugs related to translations and REST API.

Finally, the About panel is completely overhauled in line with other Dev4Press plugins. Next 5.5 major release will include new Dashboard panel. As or other features for the 5.5, the list should include more fields improvements and some new fields too. Version 5.5 should be released by the end of September.

If you notice any more issues, please report them in the support forum.

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