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GD Content Tools Pro 5.5: Moya

GD Content Tools Pro 5.5 is a new major release, focused on upcoming WordPress 5.0 and Block Editor (former Gutenberg), improvements to some meta fields, improved Tagger and few more things.

WordPress 5.0 is currently in the Beta testing phase, and if all goes according to the roadmap, it will be released in late November. And, it will be merged with Gutenberg Editor, that will be known in WordPress 5.0 as Block Editor. With easy to use option, each post type registered through GD Content Tools Pro will have an option to switch between Block and Classic Editor. By default, the plugin is set to use Classic editor, to avoid any potential issues with Block editor, or some other compatibility issues. But, you can edit post type and switch to Block Editor any time you want.

Post Type option for Editor Type
Post Type option for Editor Type

The plugin also includes two more tweaks to disable Block editor for Posts and Pages, again, working only with WordPress 5.0. Meta fields for Date Time and Time are expanded to include two more time field settings: switch between 12 hours and 24 hours format for datetime picker, and show or hide seconds in the datetime picker.

Improved Time Field Settings
Improved Time Field Settings

Tagger addon in the GD Content Tools Pro has received a lot of updates, including removal of Zemanta and Alchemy API’s. Both are no longer working or they are changed to something else entirely, and they can’t be supported any more. OpenCalais and Dandelion API’s are still supported and working, but now, they are switched to use SSL for cURL requests.

The plugin is tested and working with PHP 7.3 RC4 and WordPress 5.0 Beta 2. If you notice any issues with newer versions of both PHP and WordPress, please, let me know as soon as possible.

If you notice any more issues, please report them in the support forum.

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