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GD Knowledge Base Pro 3.2

GD Knowledge Base Pro 3.2 is a new major release bringing several new features (mostly tags related), many improvements and fixes, including some important security updates.

The main focus for this version is on the tags. The plugin has tags support from very first version, but it lacked tools to display the tags. Now, tags are displayed in the archives (similar to categories), and you can now use a widget for tags and shortcode for tags (with support for Shortcake UI).

Tags in the archives
Tags in the archives

The new version also brings completely redesigned ‘About’ panel with more information about the plugin and some improvements to the dashboard.

If you are switching from some other knowledge base plugin, version 3.2 includes a tool for importing posts from other post types into the Knowledge Base. This tool allows you to filter posts, select what you want to import and set the content type to import too. Once you finish the import, you can manually delete old posts, and you can bulk edit imported posts to assign them to categories.

Import Posts
Import Posts

Finally, this version fixes several bugs: broken filter for the search log, problems with widgets validation and some styling issues, minor issues with sanitation and feed processing. And, the new version fixes important XSS vulnerabilities related to ‘panel’ variable not properly sanitized. There are no known exploits for this vulnerability, but it is important to update plugin as soon as possible.

If you find any issues or bugs, please, report them in the support forum.

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