GD Power Search Pro for bbPress has been updated, and a new, minor release version 1.4 is now available with various updates and some minor new features to help link to the Power Search page.

GD Power Search Pro for bbPress is just updated to version 1.4. Plugin now has easy to use functions that will generate URL to the bbPress search page with the Power Search form. You can use these functions in your themes or plugins to show the link to the power search page. And, one more thing is added to help with this.

Link in default form
Link in default form

The normal bbPress search form can be replaced by the slightly updated form that shows the ‘Advanced Search’ link. This is disabled by default because it might cause problems with some themes that make changes to default bbPress search form. If that is the case with the theme you are using, you need to update your theme bbPress search form and include the link using the functions mentioned earlier.

You can try out the new advanced search on the Dev4Press own support forum here. And, you can request a demo website to test it out. Let me know what you think about the new plugin, and if you have any questions, ask them in comments.

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