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GD Press Tools Pro 5.7: Sphinx

New major release for GD Press Tools Pro is here with version 5.7 (codename Sphinx). This version was long overdue, but given to overall great stability of the plugin, there was no need to make any changes lately.

This is smaller release in scope, but it features some important under the hood updates, related to the shared code library. Most important changes include updates to the backup addon: tweaks related to backups of large websites and updated MySQL dump library improving the backup speed fixing some MySQL related issues.

The cleanup addon has gotten several new cleanup tools for deleting empty commentmeta, usermeta and termmeta data, and the tool to remove orphaned usermeta data. Also, GravityForms cleanup tools are removed: a recent version of the GravityForms have own tools for this, and there is no need to have them in the GD Press Tools Pro anymore.

Updated Debugger Panel
Updated Debugger Panel

The debugger has been updated too, and now shows warnings if the WordPress Debug mode is not active and if the MySQL query logging is not active.

Amazon S3 Storage addon is updated with latest AWS SDK library and few fixes related to passing data to the AWS.

If you find any more errors, please report them in the support forum.

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