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GD Rating System Pro 3.4: Selene

Version 3.4 is a new major update for GD Rating System Pro, with more Rich Snippets related updates, option to enable quick revote, various enhancements, improvements to JavaScript and more.

Rich Snippets work continues, and the new version introduces the Preview tab in the Rich Snippet metabox. This is not live preview, it will update when you save the post, but it will be a good reference to see how the snippet looks like, or use it for testing purposes. There are several additional updates to the snippets: include ratings only when available, improvements to filters and use of excerpt when available.

Rich Snippet Preview Tab
Rich Snippet Preview Tab

For all methods, there is a new option available to enable quick revote. Currently, when the vote is saved, you can’t vote again for the same rating block until the page is refreshed. Now, with the new option, this is available for all rating methods. The option is disabled by default, and you can enable it for every method.

There are many changes in the JavaScript code handling the loading and voting. They were necessary to cover some specific use cases and to solve problems with the BuddyPress activity when BuddyPress uses Nuove templates. Other changes in this version include improvements to period query object, improved templates and few more things.

As for the bugs, this version fixes several reporting issues including a problem with deleting votes in the votes log, a problem with Review rich snippet, a problem with the labels translations for stars rating method and few more things.

For now, if you find any issues with the new version, please report them in the support forum.

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