myCRED Integration Addon is a brand new addon for GD Rating System Pro that is made to bridge rating plugin with the myCRED plugin for handling reputation points for ratings.

Last week a free addon was released: myCRED Simple Integration Addon that was simpler (but limited in what it can do). The simple addon allows getting points for posts ratings only, for all rating methods, using same hook settings for points. But, for more complex setups, the myCRED interface is not very flexible to change and adjust to handle all the rating methods and all the rating types.

myCRED Hooks for Rating items
myCRED Hooks for Rating items

So, the now released myCRED Integration Addon is adding hooks panel into for global settings, affecting all methods and rating types. But, for more control, addon can use GD Rating System Pro rules panel where you can adjust points for myCRED for each individual rating item type and rating method. You can even disable giving points in for some combinations.

Extra myCRED rules
Extra myCRED rules

myCRED Integration Addon can be used alongside with myCRED Simple Integration Addon, and they register different types of points and badges, so the points awarded with one addon don’t mess with the other one.

myCRED Integration Addon 1.0 requires GD Rating System Pro 3.3 or newer, and myCRED 1.7 or newer. If you find any issues, please let me know.

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myCRED Integration Addon
Easy to use integration of GD Rating System Pro plugin with the myCRED plugin, with advanced rules for each rating method and rating type.
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