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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.6

A new major update for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is here! Version 5.6 brings mostly under the hood changes, notifications system updates, new BBCode, various updates and fixes.

Version 5.6 brings some very important changes, including improved support for GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress, with new styling and templates made for it, and more will be done with that in the future.

Updated signature form element for GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress

A lot has been done with the notifications system. It is now refactored into a new module with a lot of functionality moved from functions to new objects. This also includes new emails sent when the topic is closed by moderators or users and an email sent when the topic is automatically closed.

The plugin translation is vastly improved, and all options that are strings are now translatable, with all default email templates moved into translatable strings (and default templates files removed). More context information is provided to a lot of strings.

New BBCode is added called ‘postquote’. This has similar functionality with ‘quote’, but it doesn’t include quoted content, only ID of the quoted topic or reply. This new quote method will preserve complex elements in the original topic or reply (like embedded tweets). And, a new option for it, will make Quote button use new BBCode when user quotes full topic/reply, and fallback to old quote if user quotes selection.

There are many more updates under the hood, including fixes for 7 bugs reported in the past few weeks including a problem with the insert into content attachment BBCode, issues with the CRON, problems with notifications and BuddyPress notifications integration, issues with some translations call and the problem with the registration of views.

Next major 5.7 version will be released on the plugins seventh birthday (May 27th), and it should feature two new major features. Stay tuned for more information.

And, as always, if you find any issues, please report them in the support forums.

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