A few months ago, GD Power Search Pro for bbPress was released, and since then had several major updates released. Now, the Lite (or Free) version of this plugin is available for free from WordPress.org.

GD Power Search plugin adds advanced (or power) search form to bbPress for searching through topics and replies using various filters. Lite version doesn’t include all the features and search filter fields that Pro version has, but, it might be enough for most users, and if you need more, you can easily upgrade to Pro version.

Search form for the Lite plugin version

Lite/Free version includes following filter fields:

  • Forums, including the option to select forums, and search subforums
  • Users, select a user or type the user name
  • Content Type (reply, topic or both)
  • Topic Status
  • Topic Tags
  • Date Period, with the predefined list of periods
  • Change results sort order

What is missing and what is exclusive to Pro version is listed in the article comparing Lite version to Pro. Lite/Free version is available on WordPress.org: GD Power Search for bbPress. Pro version is available here: GD Power Search Pro for bbPress.

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