GD Power Search Pro for bbPress has been updated, and a new, minor release version 1.6 is now available with the support for the new GD Quantum Theme for bbPress plugin and its theme package.

GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress has just been released, and the new Power Search version includes the support for Quantum Theme package. GD Power Search Pro plugin now contains addtional set of templates made for the Quantum Theme with updated styling to match the theme styling.

Search form with Quantum Theme

You can try out the new advanced search on the Dev4Press own support forum here. Also, the demo for the Quantum Theme includes GD Power Search Pro plugin. And, you can request a demo website to test it out. Let me know what you think about the new plugin, and if you have any questions, ask them in comments.

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GD Power Search Pro
Enhanced and powerful search for bbPress powered forums, with options to filter results by post author, forums, publication period, topic tags and few other things.
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  1. patrick says:

    cannot search topic tags, I typed in the tag but the result shows nothing
    Please help thanks

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    1. MillaN says:

      Please, use support forums, include more information about what you trued to do, including plugin version.

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      1. patrick C says:

        I used the bbpress forum, it is supported by your plugin. But I still cannot search the topics tags

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        1. MillaN says:

          I use topic tags in power search often, and I have no issues with it, and no other user has reported similar issues. Open a new topic in the support forums: and include more information and screenshots of what you are trying and what you expect to happen but it doesn’t.

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        2. MillaN says:

          Also, I tried this on your forum and it works.

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