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GD Quantum Theme Pro 1.0 for bbPress

I am proud to present a brand new Dev4Press plugin for WordPress and bbPress that implements new forum theme with full set of templates and styling to replace default bbPress theme.

bbPress has own templates to display forums, and these templates are part of the package that is built into the bbPress. But, bbPress allows you to add new packages that can replace default one. And, the package has to contain all the templates needed along with some logic to control everything.

Single Topic with new options dropdown

So, GD Quantum Theme Pro contains one such package that replaces the Default bbPress package. Quantum is designed to be fully responsive, with improved and more modern design and additional settings, tweaks and styling controlled via Customizer. And, just like bbPress Default package, Quantum works with any theme (there might be some styling issues, just like with Default theme).

Quantum Theme: User Profile with list of topics

The base colour scheme is still grey, similar to the bbPress Default package, but with improved typography and readability, with several additional colour schemes with a different accent colour. New theme layout is using Flexbox grid with a simple grid library for mobile first responsive display.

To see how the theme looks like, you can try the demo website, and make sure to visit plugin home page where you can read more about included features and important disclaimers related to the theme compatibility.

All other Dev4Press plugins will be updated today with updates related to the Quantum Theme. As for the future plans, over the next month or so work on Quantum Theme will continue mainly to update default styling for more themes compatibility, polish the design elements and more. After that, plan is to expand the color schemes and add more customization settings and tweaks.

For now, let me know what you think about the new plugin / theme and if you have any suggestions for the plugin future updates.

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GD Quantum Theme Pro
New theme for bbPress powered forums

Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control.

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