During the last few days of testing, a number of updates and fixes are added to the new plugin, and here is the new 1.1 version bringing several new features, updated styling and layouts, several bug fixes.

Customizer Tweaks block is expanded with new option to control New Topic button displayed inside the Forum Actions block for each forum. Additional elements in the forum have improved styling, including the default editor toolbar. Various other layout and styling updates are included.

Single Forum page with part of the new topic form.

There are many styling updates to various parts of the theme, including some fixes. And, to make sure theme works with every theme, many more styling tweaks are applied for that purpose. Also, a new theme tweaks styling section is added with tweaks made for specific themes.

To see how the theme looks like, you can try the demo website, and make sure to visit plugin home page where you can read more about included features and important disclaimers related to the theme compatibility.

For now, let me know what you think about the new plugin/theme and if you have any suggestions for the plugin future updates. If you notice any issues with themes you are using, let me know.

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