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GD Quantum Theme Pro 2.0 for bbPress

Finally, GD Quantum Theme Pro 2.0 for bbPress is available, bringing massive changes to the plugin core, two more themes and customizer functionalities expanded to allow for the colour changes for making custom colour schemes.

The new version is almost completely rewritten, and now the whole plugin’s PHP code is namespaced using an autoloader for improved performance. And, the plugin now has a new way to activate the theme without going through the bbPress Settings panel.

New plugin admin panel with options to activate the theme and clear styles cache

But, the biggest change this time is that the plugin now has 3 different themes built-in! The previously available ‘Default Gray’ theme is now in the company of ‘Classic Gray’ and ‘Light Gray’ themes. And, that is not all, you can now customize theme colours and other things through the Customizer and you can pick any colour you like for your colour scheme.

Preview of all 3 themes in the plugin

Each theme has 4 basic colours, and it has two typography settings to change: font-size and line-height. The stylesheet is built and cached and added to the page as the inline style. On top of that, each theme has additional colours to change, with Default theme have more than 20 additional colours to change, and Classic and Light having 4 and 5 colours to change respectively. You can check out the demos for all 3 themes here:

All themes use the same set of templates, and they only differ in styling. For each theme, we have SCSS files to build the theme stylesheets and we have 5 predefined colour schemes each. The Default theme has seen some updates but remains largely unchanged. The Classic theme uses standard table layout, it is most similar to the bbPress default theme.

Light Theme Example
Light Theme Example

Finally, Light theme is much simpler, with modern design using only horizontal lines in the layout styling.

This version includes many more updates, improvements to the Default theme styling, improvements to Customizer organization. Font with icons is updated with FontAwesome 5 icons and new translations have been added. And, there are many bugs fixed in this version, including some bbPress 2.5 issues, styling missing for some elements and few more things.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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GD Quantum Theme Pro
New theme for bbPress powered forums

Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control.

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