Version 3.6 is a new minor update, with major update number, for GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress with focus on very important issues related to security and improved data validation.

This release breaks with established numbering of plugin version, and due to the number of changes, and number of affected files and importance of the updates, instead of the minor update, new rating plugin got the early major release.

This version focuses on security and data validation. Plugin was already doing a good job validating all the data that comes through votes via AJAX and as far as I know, there are no know methods to exploit that. But, after one user reported strange data in the rating logs database table, I have decided to review the parts of the plugin used to create new rating item and to toughen the process overall.

So, now the plugin will check each rating item before adding to database if it belongs to registered entity and type, and after the data is retrieved from database, similar checks will be run. This will eliminate possibility of adding bogus rating items into the database through the plugin.

There are many more updates under the hood, including updated third-party libraries, various tweaks, new internal filters and updates to the admin side interface, updated shared code library, few minor bugs fixed (related to CSS and JS), all the CSS and JS is rebuilt and much more.

For now, if you find any issues with the new version, please report them in the support forum.

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