A new free Dev4Press plugin for bbPress is now available from WordPress.org! The plugin implements methods for quick and bulk edit of forums and topics from any bbPress frontend page listing forums or topics.

GD Forum Manager is created to make the forum management easier, by introducing two edit methods: quick and bulk edit. Controls for both methods are added inside the list of forums and topics (single forum, topic views, user profile…), and you have simple ‘edit’ link that opens the popup control for a quick edit of the single forum/topic and the checkbox to select the forum/topic for bulk editing. Once you select one item, checkboxes appear for all the other items in the same table, and the bulk edit toolbar appears under the table.

Quick edit and bulk edit controls in the forums list

If you click on Edit link to open Quick Edit popup or you click on the Edit button in the bulk edit toolbar, you will get a popup showing applicable actions. The plugin has two types of actions: for quick and bulk editing. Action to change the title is only available for a quick edit, because it doesn’t make sense for bulk editing, or you will end up with multiple topics having the same title.

Quick edit popup control

By default, the plugin includes actions for forums: change forum title, change status, and visibility for forums. And for topics: change the topic title, change the forum topic belongs too, change status, and sticky status for topics. And, Dev4Press plugin GD Topic Prefix Pro for bbPress implements actions to change the topic prefix for both quick and bulk topic editing.

To download the plugin, you can find it on WordPress.org:

To check plugin in action, here is a video:

GD Forum Manager for bbPress is a free plugin, it is available for download from WordPress.org, and there are no plans to create a Pro version. Get the plugin here.

Let me know what new actions you want to see for quick and bulk editing in the future version. Right now, the plan is to add support for this plugin into GD bbPress Toolbox Pro and register some new actions related to that plugin features.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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Expand how the moderators can manage forum content from the frontend, including forums and topics quick and bulk editing from any page showing list of topics or forums.
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