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GD Rating System Pro 4.1: Dione

Version 4.1 is a very important maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs and includes some various core changes improving the handling of settings and the settings for rules, especially rules for addons.

This version changes some parts of the settings and rule settings handling parts of the plugin core, to improve how the settings for rules for some addons are saved and used. Because of that, it is possible that some addons settings will be lost after this update, so make sure you check the plugin settings after the update finishes.

Version 4.1 fixes more than 10 bugs, including two critical issues related to the handling of the addons settings that can be removed during the update and loading of addon settings in some situations. Few more issues related to the settings have been fixed. More fixes include some problems with rich snippets, dashboard widgets, admin enhancer, and bayesian addons, and the emote this method list display issues.

Two addons are also updated: Multi Ratings Addon and MyCred Integration addon, both including various fixes and improvements.

To see the list of all the changes, please check out the changelogs for: GD Rating System Pro, Multi Ratings Addon, myCRED Integration Addon. If you find any issues, please, report them in the support forums for: GD Rating System Pro, Multi Ratings Addon, myCRED Integration Addon.

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GD Rating System Pro
Ultimate rating plugin for WordPress

Powerful, highly customizable and versatile ratings plugin to allow your users to vote for anything you want. Includes different rating methods and add-ons.

Multi Ratings Addon
Multi ratings for GD Rating System Pro plugin

Add multi stars ratings and multi stars reviews rating method to GD Rating System Pro with custom multi stars series editor, extra widgets, shortcodes, and functions.

myCRED Integration Addon
Powerful myCRED integration for GD Rating System Pro plugin

Easy to use integration of GD Rating System Pro plugin with the myCRED plugin, with advanced rules for each rating method and rating type.

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