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GD Rating System Pro 4.5: 5th Anniversary Edition

GD Rating System Pro 1.0 was released on December 25, 2015, making today the 5th anniversary and the perfect time to release this new major release that brings many new features, improvements, and fixes.

Over the past 5 years, the plugin has grown considerably, more than 20 major versions have been released, the number of built-in addons grown to 20, with almost 15 additional addons, demo websites, example plugins, and more.

Version 4.5 brings new font with icons (called ‘Boxed’, due to the way icons have been designed), new panels to drill down rating items by rating method and series, many-core updates, improvements, and fixes.

New font with ‘Boxed’ icons

But, one of the most requested features is now available: rating items panel drilled down by the rating method, allowing sorting by specific rating method data. So, if you drill down for Emote This method, you will get individual columns for each Emote This element. Similar will happen for all other multi rating methods.

Drill down rating items panel

The new version includes many more new features, related to widgets, shortcodes builder, improvements to various rating methods, and addons. And, there are few bugs fixed also, including various admin related issues, problems with some methods, and few more things.

Several additional addons have been updated, including: Code Builder, Multi Ratings and User Reviews. Make sure to update addons along with the main plugin.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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2 thoughts on “GD Rating System Pro 4.5: 5th Anniversary Edition”

  1. hi
    little question : could multi rating be use in bbpress comment for a specific subforum ?

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    • Hi, in theory, yes. To some degree, this can be controlled via plugin interface and use of rules, but for more complex setups (you want different multisets used in different forums), for that, you would need to include some custom coding, and use code integration into bbPress templates to display different sets in different forums. A plugin interface is fine for a lot of stuff, but, complex things will always require custom coding.

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