GD Topic Polls Pro for bbPress, version 3.0 is a major code base update for the Polls plugin, and even if it doesn’t bring any new features, it is a very important release that will pave the way for all other Dev4Press plugins.

The plugin is completely rewritten to take advantage of the PHP namespacing and autoloading, improving the performance and minimizing memory usage. GD Topic Polls Pro is a second plugin (after GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress) to use brand new Dev4Press Library 3.0, and in this case, it takes advantage of much more Library shared features, including a lot of refinements to the admin side interface, including ‘All Settings’ page that shows all plugin settings in one place with the option to search through settings.

Refreshed and enhanced settings interface

Dev4Press Library 3.0 was largely developed through the GD Topic Polls Pro plugin in the past few months, especially when it comes to the admin side interface. There are a lot of changes in the way the interface works, how accessible and responsive it is, and how much the Library is used to display various things. This will be used even more in the future with more plugins getting the new Library.

GD Topic Polls Pro 3.0 includes various small improvements and bug fixes. As for the new features, the future plugin versions will be back on the normal development cycle, and if you have any ideas for new features and improvements, let me know.

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GD Topic Polls Pro
Implements polls system for bbPress powered forums, where users can add polls to topics, with a wide range of settings to control voting, poll closing, display of results and more.
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