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New free plugin: DebugPress

GD Press Tools Pro users already know and use Debugger built into the plugin. But, now, that debugger has been moved into own plugin, under the name DebugPress, with brand new website and few enhancements.

DebugPress has its own website, and you can get more information about the plugin there. The plugin has a fun new logo, so click on the logo and check out the new website:

At its core, DebugPress looks exactly the same as Debugger in GD Press Tools Pro, but the plugin code has been completely rewritten. You can read more about that on the DebugPress official website.

Here, I would like to talk more about the changes in GD Press Tools Pro that will be related to the debugger built into the plugin. For now, there will be no changes, Debugger addon in GD Press Tools Pro will continue to work as before. Some of the fixes in the DebugPress and other changes will be added in the next version of GD Press Tools Pro. But, in the long term, the plan is to remove Debugger from GD Press Tools Pro in favor of an improved DebugPress plugin. That is not going to happen for another 6 months at least, most likely in 6.3 or 6.4 release.

For now, try out the new plugin, and let me know what you think about it, what new features would you like to see in the future.

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Powerful and easy to use debugging plugin

DebugPress is an easy to use plugin implementing popup for debugging and profiling currently loaded WordPress powered website page with support for intercepting AJAX requests.

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