New versions for the 5 Dev4Press plugins for bbPress are now available, bringing many updates and improvements, new features in some cases, and several bug fixes, one of which is very important and shared among all 5 plugins.

Plugins affecteded by this, and plugins that have been updated include:

  • GD Quantum Theme Pro (version 2.4)
  • GD Topic Polls Pro (version 3.3)
  • GD Topic Prefix Pro (version 2.2)
  • GD Forum Notices Pro (version 1.2)
  • GD Forum Manager (version 1.4)

Make sure to update all these plugins as soon as possible, because they share the same bug, and if one of them is not updated, they will all still have the same bug. The bug is in the shared library, and it is affecting only the admin side, the front end of the plugins will work fine.

If you have trouble updating, you can delete plugins, and install new versions manually or through the Dev4Press Updater plugin. If you can disable them, do it before the update. And make sure all the plugins from this list that you are using have to be updated!

Also, Dev4Press Updater 4.3 was released, so make sure to update it also.

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Programmer since the age of 12 and WordPress developer since 2008 as freelancer and author of more than 200 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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GD Forum Manager
Expand how the moderators can manage forum content from the frontend, including forums and topics quick and bulk editing from any page showing list of topics or forums.
GD Forum Notices Pro
Easy to use and highly configurable plugin for adding notices throughout the bbPress powered forums, with powerful rules editor to control each notice display and location.
GD Quantum Theme Pro
Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control.
GD Topic Polls Pro
Implements polls system for bbPress powered forums, where users can add polls to topics, with a wide range of settings to control voting, poll closing, display of results and more.
GD Topic Prefix Pro
Implements topic prefixes system, with support for styling customization, forum specific prefix groups with use of user roles, default prefixes, filtering of topics by prefix and more.
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  1. mickael says:

    some ideas
    : more prefix for gd topic prefix (look at the web, very requested feature for bbpress
    more fields for gd content tool
    maybe you could make wordpress theme now ?

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    1. MillaN says:


      GD Topic Prefix Pro will soon get (later this month) the ability to have more than one prefix per topic.

      As for themes, I did that years ago, and I am never going to make another theme for public use (premium or free).


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