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User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro 5.0

The new and major update to User Reviews Addon is here! Version 5.0 brings massive changes and many new features, various improvements, and bug fixes. You can also check out new demo websites using the new addon version.

There are 3 major new features included: user reviews can now have comments and reviews, reviews authors and all reviews have own URL’s outside of the posts, and rating distribution overview is displayed with the ability to filter reviews by rating.

User Reviews Addon 5.0: a lot of new features and updates.

The best way to see the all-new addon is via two brand new demo websites. One is using multi stars rating methods for two different post types, and the other one is using normal stars rating method for a simple website similar to TrustPilot or other user reviews focused websites: Company Reviews and Voice Platform. And, all the demo plugins and themes used for these websites are available for free on GitHub.

Standalone pages for reviews

To allow more flexibility and to have proper URLs for reviews and a list of all reviews for each review author, standalone pages are the best solution. The plugin generates new rewrite endpoints for WordPress and even uses the theme compatibility method to render reviews without the theme having required templates.

To enable this new feature, addon settings panel has settings to enable it and to control the rewrite URL slugs for all 3 types of new pages: single review, all reviews and all reviews by user. If you have more then one post type enabled for reviews, each post type can be used to filter all and user reviews lists.

Comments for reviews

This is the most requested feature for the addon, and it is finally done. For each review, you can have comments now. To see all the comments and comments form, you need to open the individual review page (or click on the comments link inside the review) and the rest works pretty much like with the normal WP comments.

One review with all reviews overview and filters

Rating overview and filters

Finally, the rating list now has an overview block showing the percentage of each rating value (or close to it, depending on the used rating method and other factors). And, the list can be filtered by rating with the possibility to register new elements for filtering. The demo website has an example of how that works.

Let me know what you think about the new addon and the demos currently available, and if have suggestions for some new features.

To see the list of all the changes, please check out the changelogs for: GD Rating System Pro, User Reviews Addon. If you find any issues, please, report them in the support forums for: GD Rating System Pro, User Reviews Addon.

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GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress
Ultimate rating solution plugin for WordPress websites

Powerful, highly customizable and versatile ratings plugin to allow your users to vote for anything you want. Includes different rating methods and add-ons.

User Reviews Addon plugin for WordPress
Users based reviews for GD Rating System Pro plugin

Create users based review system that uses GD Rating System Pro ratings. Reviews can replace comments system for selected post types. Reviews are templates based, fully customizable.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

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5 thoughts on “User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro 5.0”

  1. Good plugin but do users have multi rating in comment too ?

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    • Hey, reviews can have multi ratings, with the purpose of rating the main content. Comments are for the purpose of discussing individual reviews and review rating, so I don’t see how having multi ratings in comments would work in such case. Can you explain more what you expect with that?

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  2. Lets imagien i did a test about video games, i use multirating
    but maybe users who reply to my comment want to use multirating too

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    • OK, I get that. But, the reviews are quite a different thing. The rating added by the review is actually added as a rating to the post review belongs to – leaving the review is like voting directly on the post, but with the added review content and other elements. If you make the comment behave the same as the review, I don’t see the need of having both included. Comment has the purpose of discussing the review, and if the user wants to leave the review and rate the post, he can always leave the review. If you allow reviews to be mixed inside the comments, it makes finding reviews complicated. Right now, the review uses its own comment type to make a clear distinction from the comments also.

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      • oh ok i understand

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