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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.6

And, the new GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, major version 6.6 has been released. The new version brings many important updates, new features (new icons, improved JS/CSS loading), and improvements, several bug fixes.

The process of converting old modules into features continues, and this time, the plugin got 3 new modules for BuddyPress-related integrations: Signatures for BuddyPress, BuddyPress Notifications, and BuddyPress Tweaks. These features will be visible only if the BuddyPress plugin is active, and they don’ have any new options or functionalities, just converted from module to feature.

Preview of some new plugin icons

Another major change in this version is the massive overhaul of the CSS and JS files loading. Now, there are three new options available in the plugin Settings related to CSS/JS files: load bulk JS, load bulk CSS, embedded font icons. Bulk loading will have the plugin load single JS and single CSS files, instead of individual multiple files. JS has 3 files, and if you use all the plugin features, it would be better to load one, using bulk options. And, CSS has 6 files, so the bulk load would be better. And, the font with icons now has a version where the WOFF and WOFF2 fonts are embedded in CSS, eliminating the need for loading additional font files. Font with icons has been completely overhauled, and now uses new icons, some icons have been removed, and the font is some 15% smaller. New icons now look better and more consistent, and they are once again FontAwesome icons, this time from the upcoming 6.0 version. And, the new EnlighterJS library is added for use with SCODE shortcode (for source code highlighting). This is done because the previously uses old SyntaxHighlight library has been outdated, and has not been maintained for more than 5 years now. Right now, you can use one or the other library, but in the next plugin version, the SyntaxHighlight library will be removed, and only EnlighterJS will be used.

Expanded CSS and JS settings

Finally, a third major change in this version is the overhaul of the database layer in the plugin, this time using an improved database core handling library, with all the queries split into multiple files according to the type of query operations (cache, bulk, tasks, main and posts). Also, some of the queries located outside of database class(es) previously, have been refactored into new database objects. Because of that, a lot of functions have been deprecated, and some will be removed in 6.7 and some in 7.0 releases of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

And, there are many small updates, improvements, and fixes in this release.

Next version 6.7, is scheduled for December 2021 or January 2022 (depending on some other work), and it will convert BBCodes and BBCodes Toolbar modules into Features, removed some of the previously deprecated functions (and SyntaxHighlight library). This will leave only two old modules to be converted to Features in version 6.8.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro
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Milan Petrovic

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4 thoughts on “GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.6”

  1. hello
    Can we upload a video and play it in presto player thank you the plugin ?

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    • Hi,

      You can upload video, but for playback, my plugin can use default WordPress video embedding. If you create a custom code override to use a different player, you can do that. I have no plans on including third-party players or directly supporting various players.


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  2. oh that would have been an amazing idea.
    custom fields in bbpress topic and reply possible with this plugin ?

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    • No, this plugin can’t add custom fields to topics or replies. My other plugin GD Content Tools Pro has the ability to do that, it can implement interface for custom fields for posts, terms and users and it has additional feature to show that for bbPress in the front end.

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