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GD Knowledge Base Pro 5.1

As previously announced, GD Knowledge Base Pro is the first plugin to get the new Dev4Press Library 3.7 and all-new admin interface. This version also fixes several bugs, has improved metaboxes for content and applies some additional visual changes.

This release addresses a few complaints related to the plugin interface, especially content editing metaboxes. All the changes are part of the redesign made with the Dev4Press Library, so other plugins will get the same set of changes in the next couple of months or more. For now, GD Knowledge Base Pro is the first one to be refreshed with the new admin interface.

You can learn more about the redesign here. That post also has a few more screenshots from the plugin.

Updated Analytics Panel

Metaboxes for content have changed a lot. Previously, the plugin had up to 6 metaboxes. One metabox remains solo, and optional (convert between the content types), one meta box is used to select product (and it remains the same), and the 4 remaining boxes have been merged into one metabox.

New, main metabox

As for other improvements, accessibility and RTL support have been updated and improved. All the controls use a larger font, they should have better readability and usability, and the improved support for smaller devices should be making plugins much easier to use. If you notice any issues with the responsive layout, accessibility of the interface, please, report the issues via support forums.

The new plugin version also includes several fixes: to some of the tools (wizard panel), various issues with the display of the Analytics panel, missing titles for the dashboard widget (for drafts).

The next plugin version, 5.2 will get some new features (in the early planning stages), and I don’t expect it to drop before early next year. If you have any suggestions for the plugin’s future features, let me know.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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