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GD Quantum Theme Pro 2.7 for bbPress

Another new update for GD Quantum Theme Pro brings plugin conflict check, predefined purple color styles, switch to latest Dev4Press Shared Library, various updates, and fixes for the search-related templates.

In recent months, there were many support questions and bug reports that ended up being caused by the plugin conflict. Right now, the plugin causing all these conflicts is bbP Style Pack. This plugin is made for the default bbPress templates package, and it simply can’t work with Quantum because of the different styling and different template structures.

Plugin Conflicts check

So, from now on, if the bbP Style Pack plugin is active, the Quantum theme will be disabled and the website will revert to default templates in bbPress. Quantum admin panel will show the conflict notice, and you need to resolve the conflict before you can activate Quantum. In the future, if more plugins are identified as a problem, they will be added to the conflicts list.

The plugin has 3 new color styles – Purple for each of the 3 color schemes (default, classic, light). And, the plugin now uses the latest Dev4Press Shared Library (version 3.5.2) and it includes some core changes related to the library changes.

Finally, there is an important fix to the search results template for topic that was missing title related actions and some markup.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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GD Quantum Theme Pro
New theme for bbPress powered forums

Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control.

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