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BreadcrumbsPress Pro 4.0

It was a while since the last update, and now, version 4.0 is getting released, with many new features and updates. At the same time, the free version of this plugin is also getting a major update to version 2.0.

Over the past year, the plugin has proven to be quite stable, so I have put off working on the update. But, the list of things to add to the plugin was growing, so this version is the culmination of the past few months of work. First of all, the plugin has been updated to use the latest Dev4Press shared Library, and that means that it has an updated admin interface, and improved underlying code that depends on the library.

Multi Breadcrumbs Block

From the usability standpoint, the main update in this version is support for the block editor and the inclusion of the blocks. The plugin has two blocks, for Single Breadcrumbs sequence for the current post, and Multi Breadcrumbs sequences for the current post. The free version of the plugin has the Single Breadcrumbs block as well. Blocks are simple to use, are located in the Widgets category in the Block Editor, and work well with the Full Site Editing and templates editing, allowing you to include the breadcrumbs inside the templates.

The plugin has gotten full support for the custom post types and all the advanced things added by the GD Content Tools Pro plugin and has full support for the content types implemented with the GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin. New features will be available automatically when these plugins are used, and you will have the selection of settings updated to reflect that. Most of the plugin styling has been updated and replaced, with many updates dealing with the use of variables for styling, improved rendering, and more.

This version also fixes a few bugs, related to the BuddyPress support and GD Content Tools Pro.

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BreadcrumbsPress Pro
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2 thoughts on “BreadcrumbsPress Pro 4.0”

  1. Hello
    is it fully seo / rich snippets optimized ?
    Thank you

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    • Yes, plugin generates JSON-LD snippet for breadcrumbs, and you can test any page on this website in Google Snippet Testing Tool to see it in action.


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