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DebugPress 2.0

DebugPress plugin was first released in September of 2020 and has reached version 2.0 after many minor updates in the past two years. So, what has changed in these two years, and how has DebugPress evolved?

DebugPress is a free plugin, available on and via GitHub (you can find all relevant links and information on the plugin’s official website:

DebugPress Debugger Popup

Over the past two years, the plugin has gone through significant changes. It has been expanded with many new features that include the use of the KINT library for an improved pretty print of the PHP-related data, additional panels in the debugger, support for handling AJAX requests and logging any custom data during page build-up, and much more. The plugin currently can show 22 panels in the debugger window, and it is fully functional on the admin side, front end, and login pages.

The latest version of the plugin, DebugPress 2.0, requires PHP 7.2 or newer (tested with PHP 8.1, too); it supports WordPress 5.2 and newer, including the latest 6.0 and upcoming 6.1 (currently in development). For a list of all changes, check out the full changelog.

If you have any questions about the plugin, or you have some suggestions, please let me know.

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Powerful and easy to use debugging plugin

DebugPress is an easy to use plugin implementing popup for debugging and profiling currently loaded WordPress powered website page with support for intercepting AJAX requests.

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Milan Petrovic

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