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GD Press Tools Pro 6.2

The new major release for GD Press Tools Pro, version 6.2 is here, and it brings some major changes. First of all, the plugin has two addons less, one addon is added and one more addon has been deprecated (but still included for now).

As it was announced before, with the release of the DebugPress standalone plugin, there is no longer a need to have Debugger being part of the GD Press Tools Pro anymore. What is more, the DebugPress plugin has seen a lot of development done over the past year, and it greatly surpasses the old Debugger in the GD Press Tools Pro plugin. So, the decision is made to remove the old Debugger addon.

And, a few months ago, a new plugin called SweepPress has been released. This plugin replaces the Cleanup addon in GD Press Tools Pro, and it has the Lite and Pro versions. Basically, all the cleanup tools from GD Press Tools Pro are part of the Lite and Pro versions of SweePress, so you can use the Lite version, and will lose no features. If you want to get a few more features, SweepPress Pro has them and will get more in the future. And, if you already have a GD Press Tools Pro license, you can find a 50% discount for the SweepPress plugin on your Dev4Press Dashboard.

Updated plugin dashboard

And, finally, Google has announced the retirement of Universal Analytics. This will happen next year, and now is the right time to switch to their Analytics 4 system. To do so, GD Press Tools Pro 6.2 is deprecating the Google Analytics addon (to be removed early next year), and at the same time adding Google Analytics 4 addon. For the new addon, you need a new Measurement ID for Google Analytics 4 (you need to migrate your website to GA4). Some of the settings available previously are no longer applicable for GA4 (this includes settings related to tracking downloads, external clicks, and other events that now are tracked automatically). Settings for the Dimensions are still available and work pretty much the same way. Make sure to manually adjust all the settings when you start using the new addon and disable the old one.

The new plugin has been tested with the latest WordPress 6.0. And, a new box was added to the plugin dashboard with the information about the new plugins and addons changes.

Finally, more important changes are planned for this plugin in the future, but, I am not yet ready to reveal all the plans, considering the fact that I am yet unsure of all the things I want to change. But, I will have announcements published well before anything is implemented and done. What I can confirm at this time, is that Database and CRON Control addons will be removed at one point, because of the SweepPress Pro plugin (it already has CRON Control feature).

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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