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New plugin: SweepPress Lite & Pro

SweepPress is a new Dev4Press for WordPress, available in Lite and Pro editions, made for a cleanup and optimization of WordPress database, based on removal of various unused and obsolete data that has the potential to slow down normal WordPress queries.

This plugin is a product of over 10 years of experience in cleanup and optimization of WordPress websites, and the goal with this new plugin is to have one plugin that can deal with database maintenance. Right now, the plugin has 27 Sweepers with the support for Auto Sweep, Quick Sweep, and Full Sweep modes, support for sweeping via command line with WP CLI, and sweeping via WP REST API. The Pro version also has the Sweep Jobs feature allowing you to create custom jobs with any combination of sweepers to be run manually or scheduled for automatic periodical cleanup. And, Pro version can also track WordPress CRON jobs sources, and it has a panel with CRON jobs overview and control.

The work on SweepPress started some 6 months ago, and I worked on the new plugin when I had free time. But, the intensive development started about 6 weeks ago, and I have dedicated most of my development time to the new plugin, and the plugin is now ready and live, and both Lite and Pro versions are available for use.

To see the plugin in action and learn more about how it works and the features, check out this video:

The plugin is available right now, and the Lite version can be downloaded from The Pro version is already available to all Dev4Press users with the Dev4Press Plugins Club license, and the individual license can be purchased from the plugin home page. For this plugin, we have a very special landing page on its own domain:

SweepPress Pro

The Pro can be purchased from the Dev4Press Plugins website.

SweepPress Lite

The Lite version of the plugin is available for free from

As previously announced, a 50% discount coupon will be available to all users with an active license for GD Press Tools Pro. The license code will be made available from Monday (March 7, 2022).

Check out the new plugin, and let me know what other cleanup tools you would like to see developed for plugin future versions.

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SweepPress Pro
Powerful database cleanup for WordPress

Remove various old, unused or obsolete data from the database, optimize the database for best performance. Schedule cleanup tasks to run automatically.

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