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SweepPress Pro 2.0

SweepPress Pro 2.0 is a major update, and the first one to start bringing a series of features that will be exclusive to the Pro edition only. The first such feature is the Sweeper Monitor. This version also fixes several bugs and includes other improvements.

A new major feature in this version is the Sweeper Monitor. Normally, when you need to clean the data, you need to open the plugin, and check what needs to be removed. But, this new feature will check the website once every day, and/or once every week and determine how much data can be cleaned. For both daily and weekly monitors, you can set trigger limits, and if the amount of data for sweeping is over the trigger values, plugin will send email notifications saying that website should be cleaned, and you can visit the Sweep page, review the changes and run sweeping process.

Settings for Daily Monitor

New version has many improvements related to the CRON Control feature, display of the Statistics panel data. And, there are several bugs fixed, related to CRON Control feature and database tables calculations when table names use uppercase names. Most of these changes are also part of the Lite version 1.5 that will be released tomorrow.

As for the future releases, there are many new things planned, and hopefully it will all be implementedby the end of this year. More information will be announced at the later date.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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SweepPress Pro
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